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Clark Realty Community Fund: Supporting `Alo Kehau o ka `Aina Mauna Charter School in Waimea

  |  Clark Realty Corporation Community Fund

Earlier this week we introduced the first of our six Community Fund grantees for 2012, Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary. Today, we’re introducing the second Big Island non-profit organization that will receive a grant through CRCCF this year. For more information about CRCCF, please visit our Community Fund page.

`Alo Kehau o ka `Aina Mauna

`Alo Kehau o ka `Aina Mauna

Nominated by Gaylene Fitzgerald of our Waimea office, `Alo Kehau o ka `Aina Mauna is a Hawaiian education program serving Big Island keiki who live in the Kohala and Hamakua districts. Although under a DOE charter, the school depends on support from parents and the local community to grow and strengthen the program. Currently, `Alo Kehau o ka `Aina Mauna is raising funds to purchase an additional portable structure to house their 3rd graders next year.

Perpetuating Hawaiian Perspective and Knowledge

`Alo Kehau o ka `Aina Mauna - Waimea

In a letter explaining the mission of `Alo Kehau o ka `Aina Mauna, parent and staff member Maluhia O’Donnell, explains:

“Our program perpetuates and is revitalizing the mother tongue of this land, and with the continuation of the language the culture, Hawaiian perspective, and knowledge will also move forward grounded in what our ancestors knew and laid the foundation for all of us. In our program students are engaged in hands on, experiential learning that links Hawaiian thought and wisdom to contemporary applications, and our keiki our prepared to become contributing members of our community.”

We are pleased to join `Alo Kehau o ka `Aina Mauna in their fundraising efforts and wish them great success as the programs grow.


Clark Realty Corporation’s Community Fund was established in January 2005 as a component fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation. Contributions to the Clark Realty Corporation Community Fund are used to make grants to Hawaii Island organizations that promote lifelong learning, encourage healthy lifestyles, address social needs in our communities, work to protect the ‘aina or to provide local arts programs, especially for Big Island keiki and youth.

This year, several Big Island groups were nominated by our agents to receive grants from CRCCF. Six were selected as our 2012 grantees. If you would like more information about CRCCF, or if you would like to make a donation to the 2012 campaign, please visit the About CRCCF page. Mahalo for your support!

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