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Hawaii Community College Project at Palamanui Moving Forward on Schedule

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Hawaii Community College at Palamanui could graduate its first class in 2017

Hawaii Community College at Palamanui could graduate its first class in 2017

Hawaii Community College at Palamanui May Enroll Students as Early as 2015

Construction of the buildings on the first phase of the new Palamanui campus in Kailua-Kona is underway.

Located one mile north of the Keahole Airport (just above mile marker 91 on Queen Kaahumanu Highway), the Palamanui plans include classrooms, science labs, teaching and demonstration kitchens, and faculty offices that will replace the limited leased facilities now being used in Kealakekua. Chancellor of Hawaii Community College Noreen Yamane has stated, “The Palamanui Campus will be a state-of-the-art learning environment that provides greater access to higher education in West Hawaii. The campus is an important investment in the future of our island community.”

It is anticipated that the first phase will be completed in the fall of 2015 and be ready for 700 students in the culinary arts, nursing and health programs, and student services. This means that it could be possible that students who enroll in the fall of 2015 could graduate with an Associate of Arts degree in the spring of 2017.

Dr. Kenneth Marty Fletcher was appointed as the Director of UH Center in West Hawaii in February. He has obtained his postgraduate credentials and worked in vocational and academic tiers of higher education in both the United States and Australia as a manager, teacher, academic staff developer, and scholar. He has been busy meeting students, staff, community members and anyone who is interested in Palamanui.

There has been a great deal of community interest and support for the new campus. Initially, for the first phase, financial support from came from the ACF Kona/Kohala Chefs. My wife Jean Hull was in charge of a campaign through which over $100,000 was raised to help equip kitchens. The campaign included a series of well-attended Kona-Kohala coast culinary events that gave local residents and visitors an opportunity to meet some of Hawaii’s best chefs and to participate in supporting Palamanui. There may be a need for a similar campaign in the future for phase 2 and 3.

Updates from the developer are available on Facebook and Twitter.

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