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Hot Buddhi Yoga: An Out of the Ordinary Workout with Big Island Roots

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If you’re looking for an out of the ordinary workout, there is very little not to love about Hot Buddhi Yoga.

As the name may hint, the exercise was born out of various types of yoga mixed with current dance steps. Jen Liming, the mastermind and brand creator, is licensed in multiple yoga meditations and was a yoga instructor for over 15 years. It’s not that there was something lacking in yoga, says Jen, she was just looking for an opportunity to personalize it. And personalize it she did, mixing her love of dance and the health benefits of sweat, cardio, balancing poses, stretching, and rhythm into a beautiful exercise. Hot Buddhi Yoga has a flare all its own.

Jen Liming

Jen Liming, creator of Hot Buddhi Yoga

Hot Buddhi Yoga, What and Why?

The benefits of Hot Buddhi Yoga are intense! Increased energy levels, improved physique, mental focus, improved flexibility, higher coordination levels, physical stability, calorie burn, and the list goes on and on. And, because it is so much fun, when you get to the cool down portion of the class and realize that you just worked out for a full hour, you’ll be looking forward to your next session! (Don’t misunderstand me, Hot Buddhi Yoga is a fierce workout–the sweat will be pouring for the full 90 minute class. I am an avid runner and cross-fit participant. I can vouch for it, Hot Buddhi Yoga holds its own in the strength and cardio category!)

“Buddhi Shaking” Fun!

If you haven’t been to a class, here’s what to expect: Lots of energy, great dance music, balance yoga poses, a lot of sweat, and some serious “Buddhi” shaking. The great thing about yoga is every pose, every movement, every technique can be scaled to fit your ability and Jen’s classes are structured to be flexible.

Classes are offered all over the Big Island, in Kona, Hilo, Waimea and at a few of the resorts. Jen has licensed each instructor herself so you can be confident that no matter where you attend class, you’re getting the real deal. Over the last four years the Hot Buddhi Yoga movement has begun to role out past the Big Island, spreading to Oahu, Kauai, even Antarctica (thanks to a pilot who fell in love with the exercise and got her “Hot Buddhi Yoga” teaching license while on a business trip in Kona).

Life is too short to not do what you love, and that can apply to work, play, and exercise. We highly recommend you check out this new trend that started right in our Big Island back yard!

Post author: Rebecca Green, R(S)
Photos: Jenna Rose Clark, R(S)

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