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Kona’s TK Noodle House and Market Offers Thai Cooking Classes

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NEW cooking classroom

NEW at TK Noodle House in Kailua-Kona: Owner TK Keosavang will offer cooking classes this summer

TK Noodle House: Asian Fusion Cuisine … and More!

What could be better than surprising your significant other with an authentic Thai meal with bold flavors, fresh noodles and a beautiful presentation? How about preparing and enjoying that meal in the comfort of your home!

Imagine your loved one’s surprise when you tell them you didn’t “order out” for your “night in,” but cooked every course with your own two talented hands. That is the vision of TK Keosavang, owner of Kona’s TK Noodle House, who will soon be offering monthly cooking classes in the facility next to the popular restaurant. With a heart of a teacher, TK plans to share his talents with those who want to learn the art of Thai cooking.

In 2005 and 2006, TK spent time as the executive sous chef at what was named the best Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas. He worked at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino under Chef Michael Jordan who now owns the famous Rosemary off the Strip in Vegas. TK has cooked for stars, large names in the business world, and even a few Presidents. He takes pride in using quality local food and truly wants to share his success. When we spoke with him at the restaurant, TK emphasized his beliefs that happiness doesn’t come from monetary gain, but from doing what you love and giving back to others. What better way to give back to his community for their support than to teach?

TK’s classes will be offered starting this summer for anyone who wants to learn. Over the course of the year, TK wants to focus on everything from 30 minute dinner ideas to full 5 course meals. He has opted to leave the featured dish decisions up to his classes, which will top out at 12 students. Class prices will range from $50-$150 per session depending on what is being cooked. These prices include the food and training provided by TK. He may also offer private classes for couples and parties. Prices on those lessons will vary depending on interest and material taught.

Business lunch, date night, and now cooking classes and a Thai grocery store; we highly recommend that you check out TK’s Noodle House in Kona.

Post author: Rebecca Green, R(S)
Photos: Jenna Rose Clark, R(S)

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