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Snapshots of Spectacular Massachusetts Sunrises

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Sunrise is often called the golden hour. It is the instant at which the upper edge of the sun appears over the eastern horizon in the morning. Caught when the day is quiet, a beautiful sunrise is optimistic and filled with the hope of possibilities.

Take a look at these snapshots of the beautiful sunrises in Massachusetts, from Cape Cod to Cape Ann. The images are majestic.

Coolidge Point | Manchester-by-the-Sea | $7,495,000
Sunrise at Coolidge Point, Manchester-by-the-Sea

6 Brier Road | Gloucester | $2,675,000
A Cloucester sunrise

The Ark | Littleton County Road, Harvard | $2,850,000

Sunrise at the Ark

Sunrise at the Ark


Cape Cod

Osterville Sunrise
Sunrise over the Nantucket Sound

Featured Osterville properties:

Wianno Waterfront Estate | 554 Wianno, Osterville | $6,995,000
Seapuit Waterfront | 50 Fox Island Rd, Osterville | $5,500,000

Sunrise over Woods Hole Passage
Sunrise over Woods Hole Passage

Featured property nearby:

Chapoquoit Island Waterfront | 140 Associates Road | West Falmouth | $4,275,000

For more information on these and other LandVest listings, visit or contact our Boston office.

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